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Monday, August 20, 2018

Civil Engineers Should Be Know These Points Before Going For Interview

                                            Hi guys today i am going to talk about


1. Brick water absorption not less than 15% -20%.

2. Thickness of plaster not more than 12mm.

3. Minimum thickness of slab is 125mm-150mm.

4. Should be Know difference b/w Main bar &         Distribution bar.

5. Knowledge about LAYOUT.

6. Drawing read must.

7. Types of foundation should be know.

8. Free fall of concrete is allowed maxi 5ft.

9. Should be know difference b/w A class Brick B class Brick.

10. Weight of cement bag -50kg and unit weight 1440.

11. Lapping is not allowed more than 36mm.

13. Steel bar in slab not be less than 8mm.Main bar 10mm plan bar 
      Distribution bar not be less than 8mm.

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